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Property for Sale in Santarém, Portugal

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Santarém Local Council (Câmara Municipal de Santarém) website:

Photo SNC11: Building Plot (R0151) 11,500 euros

Building plot for 2 storey house with 250m2 footprint, and 120m2 outbuilding.

3,000m2 plot (0.75 acre) in isolated spot with good views
Photo DDX22: Santos 22,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
7 'temporary' structures (containers and luton bodies) fully equipped for living and storage. Many extras included.

4,400m2 land with huge variety of trees, mostly fenced, gated access.
Photo SNC23: Malhou Building Plot (R009J) 23,500 euros

Building plot on tarred road for 2 storey house with 210m2 footprint.

1,400m2 (over 0.25 acre) plot of land with olive trees and vast countryside views.
Photo SNC24: Building Plot (R004I) 24,000 euros

Authorised building area for a two-storey house with 200m2 footprint, plus 60m2 outbuildings.

3,540m2 (near 1 acre) land along tarmac road with olive trees. Great views.
Photo SNC25: Windmill (R004J) 25,000 euros

Old windmill for renovation, situated along country lane, electric & water nearby.

600m2 plot of land with great views.
Photo SNC42: 1920 House (R013H) 37,500 euros
Price Reduced
Old house with attached barn (total 176m2) dating from the 1920s in need of some renovation / modernisation. Mains water and electricity connected.

Total plot size 271m2.

Photo SNC45: Building Plots (R014J) 45,000 euros

Building plot authorised to build 2 storey house, 300m2 footprint, plus other constructions of 160m2.

5,800m2 (near 1.5 acre) with olive trees and countryside views.
Photo SNC49: Casais do Arrocho (R022D) 49,500 euros

Plot with authorisation to build house of 300m2, on 2 floors, plus outbuildings of 608m2.

15,200m2 (over 3.75 acres) with small stone built store house, olive trees, and very good views.
Photo SNC64: Quintinha das Garcas (R009H) 64,500 euros

Building plot with authorized building area for a house of 300m2 and outbuildings of 187m2.

4,680m2 (approx. 2.4 acres).
Photo ALME65: Porto da Vila 65,000 euros

Plot of land with project approved for a 3 bedroom ecological house (300m2)with wine cellar, garage and pool. Great opportunity.

7,400m2 land located in an ecological reserve. Total privacy, ideal for wildlife lovers.
Photo ALME65-1: Marcoia Plot 65,000 euros

Beautiful plot of land with permission to build a 3 bedroom ecological house (300m2) with wine cellar, garage and swimming pool.

The plot measures 8,320m2 and has olive trees, lots of sunshine and a quiet location.
Photo JROD75: Casa Madeira 69,000 euros
Reduced from 75,000 euros
Santarem, Santarem
Fantastic wooden house, spotless, electricity connected and ready to move into.

1 hectare land with a borehole for water, quiet environment and heavenly views.
Photo SNC69: Rustic House (R017H) 69,500 euros

Rustic house, built in the early 1900s, with a footprint of 106.25m2 (possible to extend). Mains water and electricity.

950m2 flat land - plenty for growing some organic vegetables and planting your free trees!
Photo SNC73: Building Plot (R018H) 73,000 euros

Building plot for house or houses of any size (maximum 2 storeys). Water and electricity for connection.

2,360m2 plot.
Photo SNC80: Vale de Moinos Plot (R007J) 80,000 euros

Plot of land with authorisation to build 2 storey house with footprint of 300m2, plus outbuildings of 60m2.

15,240m2 (over 3.75 acres) with country views and other houses nearby.
Photo SNC98-1: Quinta das Rolas (R008H) 98,000 euros

Plot with planning permission for house 300m2 each floor (maximum 2 levels) and outbuildings 476m2.

11,540m2 (1.15 hectares) flat land. Country views.

Photo SNC98: Land with 3 Buildings (R005J) 98,000 euros

3 buildings constructed in 2001, in good condition, possible to make habitable 2 bed house, garage & storage.

On plot of 4,300m2 (over 1 acre) flat land with olive & pine trees.
Photo BORG99: Azinhaga Plot 99,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
15,280m2 plot of land with the possibility to build 6 sections, further building may be possible.

Space for gardens, keeping horses. Close to the Paul do Boquilobo Natural Reserve for wild animals.

Photo ROB125: Orange Grove 125,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Lakeside orange grove with project approved to construct 2 bungalows.

7,000m2 land with around 500 citrus trees including oranges, tangerines and lemons. Private access to Castelo do Bode lake.
Photo SNC160: Casa das Rosas (R004F) 155,000 euros

New rustic house (built in 2005). Beautifully finished in traditional country style. Ready to move into.

Backyard with barbecue, orange tree, and water well. Garden in front of the house. Total plot area: 560m2.
Photo CMBJ175: Casa do Deboto 175,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Traditional style 4 bedroom house, renovated whilst keeping original features.

Located in an excellent wine region, the perfect location for horse riding, biking, walking etc.
Photo HARP175: Santarem Apartment 175,000 euros

Incredible 3 bedroom luxury apartment with an enormous terrace for entertaining friends.

5 minutes walk from the city centre, the apartment has a reserved parking space.
Photo NEL225: Casa Amarela 225,000 euros

3 bedroom renovated Alentejo farmhouse. All services connected. Ready to move in.

2,500m2 with courtyard, well, and fruit trees. Adjoining 5,500m2 organic olive grove.
Photo GUE275: Country House 275,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Combined antique/modern style 3 bedroom house with underfloor heating and large windows to enjoy the views. Ready to move into.

12,000m2 land with an outdoors cooking area, swimming pool, well and fruit trees.
Photo CMBJ335: Quinta Sao Vincente 335,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Colourful 4 bedroom house (300m2) with unique facade, wooden shutters and lots of natural light.

6,000m2 plot of land with ancient olive trees, ideal area for horse riding, walking, biking and other outdoor pursuits.

Photo SMAR380: Cob House 380,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Fantastic 5 bedroom ecological cob bungalow with large windows and a circular architecture.

11,160m2 land designed with permaculture principles in mind, rainwater harvest system and plans for a natural swimming pool.
Photo CMBJ395: Quinta Carvalho 395,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Traditionally renovated 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house with BBQ and swimming pool.

On a plot of 17,000m2 with ancient olive trees, a garden and a well for water. Ideal for outdoor activities.
Photo SMA530: Casa Vale Moinhos 530,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Plot with project approved to construct a 4 bedroom detached bungalow.

11,360m2 land with olive, oak and pine trees.
Photo SMA550: Valley Mills 550,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Top quality 5 bedroom villa with office, playroom and garage. Efficient underfloor heating, electric shutters and swimming pool.

12,520m2 land with fencing and cedar, pine and oak trees. Irrigation system for the garden.
Photo KRA550: Riba Tejo Vineyard 550,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Productive quinta/vineyard with spacious 3 bedroom house, large barn, dog area and equestrian facilities.

8 hectares fully fenced land with established vineyard, cork trees, olive grove - lots of income opportunities!

Photo NASCI700: Quinta de Barroes 700,000 euros

Large 5 bedroom farmhouse with smaller, separate 2 bedroom house. May be possible to join the houses together or split into 3 houses.

30 hectares of land with equestrian facilities for 5 horses, lake and cork trees.
Photo SMA800: Casa Vale Moinhos 800,000 euros

Santarem, Santarem
Land with planning permission to build a 5 bedroom house with office space and a garage. Price is a complete building to be completed in 12 months.

13,480m2 land with olive trees, pine and oak trees.


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